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Free UK delivery on all orders over £25....
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About Us

 It all started over ten years ago when I took my now wife on our very first date to Brighton in East Sussex.

As we sat on the beach, nervously drinking our drinks and trying our hardest to portray ourselves as great human beings, I had told her that I had purchased the domain name and that I wanted to create a website where you could buy products that were difficult to find in high street stores.

Fast forward a few years, a wedding in Cornwall and two beautiful children we finally knew what we needed to sell! When my wife was pregnant with our first child we realised how everything we consumed whether on the inside or the outside has a real impact not just on ourselves but on all of our futures. 

Cleaning up our lifestyle became imperative, gone already were the cigarettes and excessive alcohol but we needed to banish the toxins in our food & water and the EMF’s in our home along with being respectful to our planet with the products we buy.

Looking after the physical side of the body and mind is very important indeed but it is as important to look after the spiritual side. We hope that not only will our website make you healthier physically it will raise your consciousness, and connect you to your true, authentic self.

Everything that is for sale on this website we use, and there is no way we would give our family or customers anything that isn't exactly as it should be. Natural, Organic where possible, ethical and sustainable. There is no planet B! In order to change the world you have to change yourself.


The team

The first date in brighton

Our first picture together.